Sealer CONCENTRATE is a unique no-sheen, penetrating sealer for most mineral based surfaces. No other sealer fights stains better! Plus it can be used as either a SOLVENT BASED or WATER BASED sealer.

Diluted with water, it is a low odor, low VOC sealer for moderate to very porous surfaces. Diluted with alcohol it penetrates dense stone and previously sealed surfaces.

Typical dilution ratio is 7:1 with clean water or alcohol (16 oz of F-721 making 1 gallon of ready to use sealer). Dilution ratio can be adjust from 4:1 all the way to 19:1 to adapt the the surface being sealed and the level of protection required. Use denatured alcohol or inexpensive isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol


Pint of concentrate makes One Gallon Ready To Use Sealer

F-721™ Premium Fluoropolymer

SKU: F-721