These are samples of actual ColorClad®. All 89 standard colors in a binder

samples of actual ColorClad®

  • The ColorClad Color Stick Book is more than just a color chart. It is a valuable tool that allows you to instantly display an accurate sample directly in the grout line. Since it is the final product there are no surprises once the job is started.

    Many contractors have learned the hard way that ordering color seal that is supposed to match a 3rd party paint or grout chart is a hit & miss proposition. Color charts & plastic sticks do not use the same pigments & resins as the colorseal. Are they trying to match the chart, stick or grout itself? (they are all a little different). Did they try to match under the same type of lighting as on the job?

    Some contractors start making their own collection of real samples of finished product after a job is delayed, lost or re-colored because the color showed up "just a little off".

    The ColorClad Color Stick Book saves you that trouble by collecting and displaying all 89 colors in a neat, organized manner.